ACR-M-3000-W - Water cooled chiller 2800kW

Product information

Different requirements and applications on request.

*Cooling Capacity

2800 kW

*Re-cooling capacity

3307 kW

Power input

506 kW


400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phases

Operating current

920 A

Electrical connection

Cable terminals 3 Ph + PE

** Fuse protection

3 x 315 A

** Cable recommendation

11 x 185 (Single wire) mm²

Flow rate Evaporator

402 m³/h

Flow rate Condenser

358 m³/h

Max. operating pressure

10 bar

Cold water connections

Storz 2 x 125

Condenser water connections

Storz 2 x 125

Capacity control

– %



Pressure drop Evaporator

91 kPa

Pressure drop Condenser

57 kPa

Transport weight

11182 kg

Dimensions (l x w x h)

4800 x 2100 x 2200 mm

* Design conditions:

Evaporator water temperatures 12/7°, Condenser water temperatures 29/35°C

** Electrical protection:

On-Site power installation should be entrusted to an electrical specialist.


Technical and design changes can be made at any time without prior notice!

Product description:

The water-cooled liquid chillers for mechanical cold water-/fluid cooling, are equipped with a quiet running centrifugal compressor. The shell and tube evaporator and condenser are enclosed by a steel shell. The unit should be set up on a horizontal, stable work area and have at least 2m free space to all sides. All controls and regulators are contained within the housing.

Accessories (optional)

Dry Air Cooler / Cooling Tower Dry Air Cooler / Cooling Tower
Pumpenmodul Pumps
Buffer Tanks Buffer Tanks
Hoses / Fittings Hoses / Fittings
Electric Accessories Electric Accessories

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