rental benefits and contract models

Reasons for rental?

Cooling, air conditioning and heating technology rental instead of buying? Primarily covering short-term requirement peaks or a temporarily loss of the company-internal cooling or heating capacity speak for rental.


acr- the acr contract models
for more flexibility in renting,
contracting or rent to buy

the acr contract models for more flexibility in renting, contracting or rent to buy

rental models

Short term rental:
Machines and accessories can be rented immediately for a period of at least 1 week. This rental model is usually selected to meet seasonal bottlenecks, or when irreparable damage occurs or during reconstruction of the entire cooling system.

Long-term rental:
Long-term rental is an alternative to the conventional purchase of mobile heating or cooling equipment. The rental contract period is normally 1 to 3 years. acr customers select this model in the case of long-term reconstruction works or for limited experimental projects.

Especially sensitive areas requiring cooling such as data centers, production and research require a backup of its cooling supply for safety reasons. acr chiller rent offers you machines ready to go on the spot.


When a modernization or expansion of your heating or cooling system is planned, contracting is an interesting option. For consumption dependent contracting, acr carries the costs of the plant revitalization and/or the new construction. The energy supply contract (cooling/heating) includes the provision of the primary fuel source (electricity) as well as the management. The total cost will be financed through the cooling/heating consumption.

hire purchase used purchase (resale)

Rental customers, with whom already an acr rent solution has been installed, can acquire the rented machine/plant through a hire purchase or used purchase after contract envoy. That is worthwhile above all if the purchase of a new machine would be substantially more expensive than acquiring one of the continuously maintained near new acr machines.

Irrespective of which rental model you decide for – you profit in every case: Your liquidity reserves are protected, the equity, your lines of credit and securities remain untouched. The monthly rental, or contracting rates are fully tax deductible as business expenses. Fixed rental rates and calculable payment schedules provide for unrestricted planning security. And a machine park modernized with rental equipment increases the productivity and provides your business with additional competitive advantages.