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Rooftop air-conditioning unit hire – mobile air-conditioning units with heating function

Rooftops or mobile ventilation systems are rental units that can cool as well as heat. They are installed outdoors and connected to the building or indoor space via air hoses. Since these air conditioners are often installed on the roof, they are also called rooftops.

When you rent a rooftop central air-conditioning unit from acr chiller rent, you have an extremely flexible and space-saving state-of-the-art air-conditioning unit at your disposal for building and process air conditioning in your company. We install all components expertly on site, take care of regular maintenance, provide (remote) monitoring on request and help quickly and professionally with any problems with the heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology.

Even if your existing air-conditioning system fails, we can quickly provide you with a suitable rooftop air-conditioning unit – either to bridge the gap or as a permanent replacement for the old system. Our rental model range reflects the flexibility of our equipment, and units can be adapted exactly to suit any need.

Hire individually configured rooftops – the perfect climate from acr chiller rent

We supply SMEs and large companies in a wide range of industries. Part of our service therefore always involves designing the central air conditioning unit you rent exactly in line with your requirements. We select a suitable base unit, available in various power levels, and combine it with the appropriate accessories.

Depending on the design and configuration, a rooftop central air-conditioning unit can provide cooling in recirculation mode or energy-saving heating with heat recovery. In fresh air mode, the rooftop air conditioner only feeds fresh outdoor air into the building; in mixed air mode, some of the building air is reused. You can also choose a free cooling function. This allows the air conditioner to cool the room air solely with the outside air in a particularly energy-efficient way when outside temperatures are cooler.

We will be happy to advise you in detail about our products and rental offers if you would like to rent a rooftop or find out more about mobile rooftop air conditioners.