rental cooling for the beverage industry

At acr chiller rent, you can rent individual units and completely preconfigured refrigeration systems for cooling food. The beverage industry occupies a special place here, as special systems and special equipment are often required, for example for brewing or mash cooling and in viticulture for wine cooling and fermentation control. Process cooling is also required in many phases of beverage production and in cool or cold storage of beverages, food and the corresponding raw materials in accordance with regulations. Reliable cooling in wine production contributes significantly to the quality of the end product, and cooling is also crucial in beer production.

Fruit juice producers, breweries, wine presses and other companies in the beverage industry require rental refrigeration to ensure an unbroken cold chain, among other things. Compliance with hygiene standards is required by law; with mobile rental refrigeration from acr chiller rent, you can fulfil your obligations reliably, bridge bottlenecks, e.g. in the height of summer, and prevent financial losses due to breakdowns.

easy to rent: chillers / liquid cooler for breweries,
wine production and the beverage industry

rental cooling for the beverage industry

Rental refrigeration has proven itself many times over in the beverage industry. Whether it’s a rental system for a brewery, cooling for your manufacturing processes or a modern, low-noise wine cooling system: Every air conditioner, every chiller and every piece of equipment is precisely adapted to your requirements and expertly installed by our team as agreed.

Our range of rental refrigeration and mobile refrigeration for the food and beverage industry includes both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers that provide reliable cooling in the +20 to -15°C range. In addition, you can rent a weatherproof, mobile large-scale refrigeration system from us to remain flexible and save costs even for extreme or highly fluctuating refrigeration requirements.

We offer the units in various performance levels, with or without plate heat exchanger, heat pump function, cooling tower, dry cooler, free cooling function, control and regulation technology, remote monitoring, etc. The modular design enables exact adaptation to all requirements of large-scale industry and refrigeration – and as a rental solution it is particularly economical, inexpensive and sustainable.

Good reasons for rental refrigeration in the beverage industry

  • Fail-safe operation: refrigeration reliability is mandatory for temperature-sensitive production processes (e.g. brewing and fermenting) and for the storage of perishable beverages and raw materials. With our rental solutions, you ensure efficient refrigeration technology, the optimal process climate and an unbroken cold chain in all areas – even at peak utilisation.
  • Renting is often cheaper than buying: we will be happy to advise you on your options for cost savings through energy-efficient, power-saving rental refrigeration. In addition to mobile refrigeration, we also offer air-conditioning and heating technology for short or long-term rental.
  • Full-service concept: we are very familiar with refrigeration technology for the food and beverage industry and will be happy to support you in selecting suitable refrigeration machines or planning an entire system. We are also there for you for set-up and subsequent support – and in case of emergencies, our team is available around the clock and can be on site in the shortest possible time to help you with expertise and the right technology.

The right rental products for the beverage industry