we supply energy service providers with cooling
– flexibly on rental basis

Municipal utility companies are often both consumers and suppliers of cooling services. As a result, energy service providers need cooling both to ensure their own services and processes and to pass it on to other consumers, such as industrial customers, in the form of district cooling.

The rental park at acr chiller rent has everything required in this connection and equipment can be configured for large users from all industrial sectors. Energy suppliers can also rent (district) cooling from us and municipal utility companies can hire cooling equipment to react flexibly to peak loads as a contractor, for example, or to meet contractual delivery obligations in the event of failures in their own cooling supply.

rent permanent or temporary district cooling
– energy-efficiently and economically

energy service providers with cooling – flexibly on rental basis

our rental products for energy suppliers and energy service providers

It is not unusual for cooling service providers such as acr chiller rent to support energy suppliers with district cooling, or for municipal utilities or local authorities to rent district cooling. No matter whether it’s as a permanent solution or temporary district cooling, emergency cooling or a transitional solution: our rental solutions in the area of cooling are a valuable support for energy service providers who need to guarantee cooling and heating services for their customers even in difficult times. With our rental cooling solutions, energy suppliers can maintain their energy balance and eliminate shortfalls quickly and easily.

You can generate cold reliably with our air-cooled water chillers and liquid chillers, which achieve an output of 9 to 1,400 kW, or with mobile large-scale refrigeration units. These offer an output of up to 3,000 kW and are our investment-saving answer to the highest and most demanding requirements that energy suppliers place on cooling systems.

Air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps are suitable for both cooling and heating and can regulate the temperature of air or liquids up to a maximum flow temperature of +50°C. And to generate domestic hot water and process heat using a mobile heating system, you can rent and use container-based heating centres with a power range of 50 to 1,000 kW on flexible terms from us.

Of course, we also rent out all the accessories required for smooth operation of our mobile cooling units.

Energy suppliers, municipal utilities and local authorities benefit from the many advantages of our rental solutions:
  • Use our range of rental cooling units to offset bottlenecks and at times of increased demand in the energy sector.
  • Bridge your own increased demand by renting additional cooling capacities quickly and easily according to your needs.
  • We offer you a full-service concept: from set-up to support, you can always rely on the experienced acr team./li>
  • In emergency situations, we provide fast, uncomplicated and effective support with the shortest response and delivery times.
  • Save energy costs and use efficient, modern cooling, air-conditioning and heating technology simply as a rental solution.

the right rental products for energy suppliers