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Dry Air Cooler / Cooling Tower

Rental solutions for cooling of waste heat, process or condenser heat

Liquids have to be cooled in many industrial processes and in manufacturing, so cooling water is indispensable. The requirements for cooling water systems are diverse, so it pays to rent dry cooler and benefit from the favourable terms. Dry cooler bring water or other liquids to the necessary process temperature. Depending on the system requirements, a combination of a recirculating chiller with a storage tank, a hydraulic separator or plate heat exchangers for system separation are essential and effective features. Heat is extracted from the cooling medium in the recirculating chiller and pumped to the consumer at the appropriate temperature. You can also rent suitable pumps from acr.

You can rent various dry cooler from acr chiller rent: acr dry coolers in a stable, corrosion-resistant design are suitable for outdoor installation and are equipped with reliable, quiet-running axial fans. Depending on the model, they offer an output of 60 to 500 kW. An optimised heat exchanger in Cu-Al design ensures maximum efficiency values. For higher temperatures or special corrosion-related material requirements, dry cooler can be combined with acr plate heat exchangers for system separation.

Dry cooler and cooling tower hire for every area and need

Wet cooler or cooling tower use evaporative cooling of water (adiabatic cooling) to achieve cooling water temperatures of 24°C even in midsummer. A unit of this sort is used for recirculation cooling of waste, process and condenser heat and can be used for water-cooled liquid chillers or for cooling liquids. You can rent different versions of these cooling towers from us, delivering an output of 200 to 1,650 kW per unit. Cooling tower can also be operated in parallel using our hose sets, which allows us to offer recirculating cooling capacities up to 5,000 kW for rent.

Whether you only need a recirculating chiller for a short time to replace a defective unit in your business or want to use it for the longer term: with our rental equipment, you remain flexible and can react to changing requirements at short notice.