Rental Heating

Rent mobile heating units on flexible terms from acr chiller rent

Rent mobile heating units: we hire out mobile heating units with a heating capacity of up to 950 kW, which are suitable for a wide range of applications in the field of heat supply. Typical areas of application include supplying process heat in industrial environments and providing heat to buildings during renovation work. Mobile heating can also be used to supply district heating, domestic hot water and hot air.

The heating units are available as a container version or as a mobile heating unit on a trailer and are ready for immediate use. Oil is used as the fuel for the mobile heating system; a tank with a capacity of 720-1,500 l is integrated, as are the circulation pump and expansion vessel. The connection is made via flexible connection lines and the power is supplied via a CEE or earthed plug, depending on the capacity of the heating unit. As an option, the system can be equipped with remote/tank monitoring.

Rent a mobile heating unit instead of buying one – we will be happy to advise you

At acr chiller rent, you can simply rent customised heating solutions and thus bridge peak load periods or unplanned outages in your own heating system. Thanks to flexible terms, there is no such thing as “too long” or “too much”. We rent out mobile heating units with various heat outputs and can thus always offer you a mobile heating solution that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

Do you have any questions on the subject of mobile central heating systems or would you like personal advice? Use our contact form or our free hotline on 0800 1224 100. For callers outside Germany: +49(0)89 8955 60780.