rental cooling for industrial and process cooling
in the automotive industry and vehicle Construction

Every manufacturing process, whether mechanical or chemical, requires a certain temperature for optimal operation. This applies to components and materials and to the equipment and machines involved in the process. In industrial production, effectively implemented continuous process cooling makes a significant contribution to economical and energy-efficient production and ensures consistently high quality of the finished products.

Compact and versatile chillers from acr chiller rent are optimal process coolers. Rent exactly the process and industrial cooling you need – as mobile process cooling for transitional periods, as quickly available emergency cooling or as an absolutely reliable permanent solution that is always up to date. We will be happy to handle (remote) monitoring of the rented process coolers and refrigeration systems for you: with an experienced refrigeration service provider who can be on site within a very short time in an emergency, your needs will be covered throughout the entire rental period.

We will be happy to advise you and plan the required process cooling or mobile industrial cooling together with you. You rent as-new equipment that we can configure individually for you, including accessories, and install professionally so that it meets your needs perfectly.

things run smoothly with us: process cooling in vehicle Construction

rental cooling for industrial and process cooling in the automotive industry and vehicle contruction

Cooling is a key technology in the production of vehicles. In particular for paint, test stand, tool and process cooling, various refrigeration machines and cooling systems are used in the automotive industry, including outdoor coolers, refrigeration systems for compressors and rollers and cooling systems for welding stations and test stands. Energy-efficient, powerful and low-noise heating and air-conditioning systems are needed for production halls and offices.

Similarly, the refrigeration technology in vehicle construction must function as energy-efficiently, economically, reliably and flexibly as possible. Fluctuating cycle times and production throughputs often make it necessary to use additional chillers at very short notice. Mobile refrigeration is therefore a contemporary and safe choice in the automotive industry.

rental refrigeration solutions from acr chiller rent for the automotive industry

Cooling for industry is our speciality. Our range of modern, as-new rental equipment, power and connection technology and accessories includes everything needed to optimise temperatures in all areas of automotive production. We configure individual cooling systems for our customers and deliver suitable chillers on time. We also adapt the rental contract precisely to your requirements so that you always remain agile with your rental solution from acr chiller rent and your refrigeration technology is at the forefront in terms of cost-effectiveness, operational reliability and energy efficiency.

These are just some of the advantages that rental process cooling systems offer in the automotive industry:

  • Lower investment requirements thanks to individual rental cooling solutions.
  • Optimal cooling along the entire process chain, e.g. in hydraulic and paint bath cooling.
  • With additional rented cooling capacity, companies can meet production peaks economically and flexibly.
  • The full-service concept from acr chiller rent: Our experienced team supports you from planning to installation and support for your rented refrigeration technology.
  • Shortest response and delivery times in emergency situations – we are available 24/7 via the emergency hotline and can be with you within a few hours in urgent cases, anywhere in the German-speaking region.
Do you need refrigeration technology for the automotive industry, vehicle construction or the production of automotive components? We find an effective rental solution for every need. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with an offer with no obligation. Call or send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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