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Rent water-cooled chillers – flexible rental cooling for commerce and industry

Water-cooled chillers impress with their excellent energy efficiency and can be used flexibly for various applications. Among other things, they are used for energy-saving cooling of production processes, technical and machine rooms.

At acr chiller rent, you can rent water-cooled chillers on a short-term or long-term basis. With outputs of 50 to 900 kW per unit or up to 4,500 kW in combination, they are suitable for almost all cooling applications from small rooms to large logistics halls and process engineering applications. Liquids can thus be cooled down in a temperature range from +20°C to -15°C. Higher inlet temperatures are easily possible by system separation with an additional plate heat exchanger or with a dry cooler.

If the chiller is water-cooled, it must be installed in a frost-free, dry environment or the medium for recirculation cooling must be frost-proof. On the other hand, it can also be used in closed rooms where the operation of air-cooled chillers is not possible.

We find an optimal solution for every company and every application and are available around the clock for refrigeration emergencies. Call us for advice in person or use our contact form for your inquiry.

Well supplied at all times: tailor-made rental systems from acr chiller rent

In general, water-cooled chilled water systems are more efficient and compact than air-cooled systems. It is also relatively easy to use all or part of the condenser heat produced for heat recovery.

If no re-cooling system is available on site, you can rent a suitable wet or dry cooler from us at the same time. For urgent needs and problems that require a quick solution, our 24-hour incident service and emergency project hotline are available around the clock.