tool and machine cooling
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If you need equipment for machine cooling, our rental equipment in the areas of machine cooling, refrigeration systems and air-conditioning units is just what you are looking for. Refrigeration technology is needed in many areas of mechanical engineering. For efficient machine cooling, it is important to find the refrigeration technology that provides the cooling capacity required as precisely as possible.

Various industrial processes such as milling, grinding, polishing and machining cause high thermal loads on machines, tools and parts. The machines must therefore be cooled with cooling technology such as chillers/liquid coolers or dry cooler. Cooling is also required for other systems and IT equipment in mechanical engineering so that they can operate without faults.

easy to rent: chillers / liquid coolers
for tools and machine cooling

tool and machine cooling for hire from acr chiller rent
With the rental solutions from acr chiller rent, you no longer have to worry about how to cool your industrial machinery, because our mobile rental units can be quickly and easily transported, installed and put into operation. With us, companies from the mechanical engineering sector can find the air conditioning technology they need for short or long-term rental. Appropriate, flexible and with completely transparent costs.


  • Exact adherence to the cooling temperature ensures dimensional accuracy, including for critical parts
  • Increased productivity through maximum machine runtime and tool life due to optimal cooling
  • We only rent out high-quality chillers and thus ensure high availability and process reliability
  • Increase your cooling capacities for cooling tools and machines flexibly and always exactly when you need it
  • In this way, you stay flexible and can react quickly to failures or workload peaks
  • And in the event of an emergency, the shortest response and delivery times ensure rapid replacement or support from our experienced technicians

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