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Buffer Tanks

Simply rent buffer storage tanks too for optimal, trouble-free system operation

A buffer tank has a variety of applications in a hydraulic system.
These include:

  • Volume increase of the system capacity and thus safe and stable operating conditions.
  • Storage of thermal energy so that it can be made available as needed.
  • Hydraulic decoupling, so that different mass flows on the generator and consumer side do not interfere with each other and are thus operated without affecting each other.
  • Precise temperature control on the secondary side to provide consumers with an exact temperature level, especially in process engineering.

Our storage modules enable easy connection of several containers and thus expansion of the storage volume depending on the specific system performance required. For example, two 2000 l buffer tanks can easily be coupled together to double the total buffer capacity.
Buffer storage tanks are available from acr chiller rent for both cooling and heating operations, and they differ fundamentally in terms of design in line with the requirement profile. Design and size are optimised according to the system requirements of the application on the basis of our decades of experience in combination with our design software.

A hydraulic separator ensures smooth operation

A hydraulic separator is used to decouple the producer and consumer circuits. Hydraulic decoupling is always necessary if different and/or variable volume flows occur on the consumer side. In the case of large fluctuations in load, for example, hydraulic decoupling by means of a hydraulic separator or a buffer tank is absolutely necessary to ensure trouble-free operation of the system. acr supplies hydraulic separators in various sizes for different heating and cooling capacities, in accordance with the associated volume flows. Hydraulic separators must be precisely matched to the overall system. The wrong choice or incorrect application leads to temperature mixing, which should be avoided.

At acr chiller rent, you can rent a suitable hydraulic separator for every refrigeration system and thus ensure that the system always delivers the temperature and performance level required, irrespective of external factors, even under very different conditions (e.g. additional cooling capacity required in high summer). We will be happy to provide you with expert advice on all questions relating to buffer storage tanks and hydraulic separators – simply use our contact form or call us with no obligation.