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Rent air coolers instead of buying them from acr chiller rent

Rent recirculating air coolers on good terms: whether you need mobile refrigeration for energy-efficient process cooling that saves money and CO2 or you want to implement an environmentally friendly, fail-safe heating and cooling solution in your company: with acr chiller rent, nothing could be easier than renting a perfectly tailored system on which you can always depend.

Recirculating air cooler with a capacity of 10-250 kW are operated with an acr rental liquid chiller, or the air cooler can be connected to an existing cold water network. Integrated in the cooler is a low-noise fan, the control unit and a condensate tray located below the heat exchanger. The condensation water is collected in this and can then be drained off easily.

If the air cooler has to be placed in view, you can also rent it with a stylish housing. The compact dimensions and low weight of the rental units also ensure that air coolers are easy to transport.

Air cooler for cooling emergencies

In the event of a cooling emergency, you can arrange from acr chiller rent to set up and connect a suitable emergency chiller quickly and reliably. You can reach us every day around the clock on our emergency hotline; in urgent cases, an emergency team can be deployed immediately. Thanks to our numerous bases in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we can be on site in the entire German-speaking region in a very short time to ensure emergency supplies and deliver the emergency cooler you need.

If you would like to rent an air cooler from us or have any questions about our rental program, please contact us using our contact form or on our free hotline 0800 1224 100. For callers outside Germany +49(0)89 895 560 780.