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Sound Reduction

Efficient sound insulation ensures a significant reduction in noise level

A chiller or air conditioning unit with a compressor produces not only cold but also noise during operation. In the long run, this can be a strain on people working nearby. Although acr units are already very quiet in operation in the standard version, with a special enclosure for the compressor or a mobile noise barrier, the chiller sound insulation is significantly improved in the long term.

We therefore offer all acr chillers with housed compressors as an option to reduce the sound pressure level permanently. A sound enclosure of this sort reduces the sound pressure level by up to 10 db(A) at a distance of 5 metres from the compressor.

The sound insulation of a chiller with compressors that are already in a housing can be significantly improved by a so-called sound cover or airborne sound attenuator. The silencer is put over the fan and thus dampens the noise of the axial ventilators without affecting their function. In this way, the sound pressure level can be reduced by up to an additional 8 db(A).

A mobile noise barrier as additional sound insulation

The soundproof wall consists of prefabricated elements made of laminated rock wool that can be positively connected. The material is flame retardant, very light and easy to transport. In addition, it can be assembled within a very short time to form a visual sound barrier of any desired size and shape. As a result, you can quickly and easily attenuate noise sources during operation and achieve a reduction in the sound pressure level of up to 15 dB(A).

If you need a chiller with sound insulation or are interested in renting a sound insulation barrier, we look forward to receiving your inquiry without any obligation on your part – either via our contact form or directly by phone