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Mixing Valves

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Straightforward rental of mixing valves, overflow valves and fittings

Our rental range includes all conceivable assemblies for shutting off and regulating the volume flow in the system. You can rent flap valves, regulating valves, overflow valves, changeover valves, motor valves and mixing valves to match the units and machines you rent. This allows you to mix hot and cold water as necessary and thus reliably ensure the required temperature level in every area.

A 2-way valve in a hydraulic system, e.g. in the heating system, offers either “open” and “closed” functions or, as a through valve, the function of volume flow control. The liquid can then either flow fully or the volume flow is reduced depending on the valve position. However, these relatively simple valves reach their limits when it comes to regulating precise flow temperatures at a constant flow rate. In this case, we advise you to rent a 3-way mixing valve. acr mixing valves are available with a motor actuator, control cabinet and temperature controller in sizes DN40 to DN125.

acr overflow valves are mostly used in conjunction with chillers as a bypass valve where it is necessary to ensure a constant minimum volume flow if consumer valves interrupt the volume flow. The overflow valves are available as standard in sizes DN40 to DN80 and in a pressure range from 1 to 6 bar.

In addition, acr chiller rent offers a comprehensive range of fittings for hydraulic integration into acr rental systems. These include pressure gauges and thermometers, flow monitors, strainers and flow meters for system control, filling and draining valves, vent valves and pressure and temperature transducers.

We will be happy to advise you in advance which valves and fittings are required for the planned use of our rental technology. Simply use our contact form for your inquiry or give us a call.