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Other Accessories

Other accessories – easy rental of dirt traps and cyclone separators for cleaning cooling water

Dirt is extremely disruptive in any heating, cooling or chilled water circuit. Dirt impedes heat transfer, worsens system efficiency and, without countermeasures, leads to faults or even total failure of the heating or cooling system. A strainer in the hydraulic system is therefore an important accessory for preventing any fault caused by dirt in the system. Our fine filters in the dirt trap housing are easy to replace. Our double-filter systems allow filter changes without interrupting operation.

Particularly in the case of open cold and cooling water circuits, there may be ongoing entry of dirt into the system due to production or plant conditions. If this is the case, simply rent our cyclone separators, which will considerably extend the service life of the fine filters in the dirt traps.

Our filter units are each mounted on a sturdy steel frame and are easy to transport and set up. We can supply filter systems for flow rates of up to 100 m³/h per module directly from stock. For larger volume flows, several filters can be connected in parallel. The necessary connections, pipes and other accessories are of course supplied as agreed when you rent from us.

If you have any questions on the subject of filtration or need expert support in determining the optimum filter technology for your application, please contact us – we have many years of experience in this field. Whether temporarily or for the longer term, with our industry-based rental solutions you can react flexibly – and maintain your production reliability with our customised solutions.

Easy rental of operating materials

The operating materials of the rental machines such as refrigerating machine oils and refrigerants are checked by acr before delivery and at regular intervals. Operating fluids required for the existing fluid system, such as monoethylene glycol or propylene glycol antifreeze, are used for cold water temperatures < 4°C or if there is a risk of frost, and they can simply be supplied in the mixing ratio required.