ACR-RM-80-1 - Cleaning module

Product information

Different requirements and applications on request.


Technical and design changes can be made at any time without prior notice!

Product description:

Cleaning module consisting of a cyclone separator and dirt filter. With the cyclone filter, sand and other solid particles can be separated from the water. Using the cyclone filter in water treatment thus filters out solid impurities. The water enters from the side through the cylindrical part. The angle of the water flow changes and exerts a centrifugal force. Solid parts that are heavier than water are thrown to the edge. Under gravity, they flow in a vortex into the cone, where they are separated out by the system. The purified water, on the other hand, rises to the top as a result of a suction process. The series strainers in parallel design including pressure gauge and gate valve ensure uninterrupted and effective cleaning.

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