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Precision Air Conditioning Unit

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Flexible rental of close control air-conditioning units with a capacity of 25 to 50 kW

When you rent a precision air conditioner from us, you can either connect it to the existing cold water network or operate it with a rental liquid chiller. The compact climate cabinets in our rental program are equipped with a radial fan with direct drive, statically and dynamically balanced with intake on both sides. This means that they can be supplied either with air intake at the front and discharge at the top or with air intake at the top and discharge at the bottom into the double floor.

These space-saving climate cabinets are housed in an attractive casing made of galvanised and pre-painted sheet metal; a heat and sound-insulating inner lining ensures quiet operation.
Thanks to their light weight, our rental air-conditioning cabinets can be easily transported with a corner roller or pallet truck and thus quickly and easily set up wherever mobile cooling is needed.

We have the right rental solution for almost every application

Our rental precision air conditioning units with a cooling capacity of 25 to 50 kW are suitable for numerous areas of application, e.g. as climate control cabinets in the laboratory, for IT or data centres or for providing process cooling in production. In addition to high reliability, they boast an electrical switch cabinet integrated into the climate cabinet and a user-friendly controller unit. Set up, connect, done: that’s how easily and quickly you can deploy and use mobile cooling.

If you wish, you can also rent extensive accessories for your close control from us, e.g. through and three-way valves, a supply air plenum, reinforced fan motors, humidifiers and much more. Simply contact us and tell us what you need – we are sure to find a suitable solution.