rental cooling , air conditioning and mobile cooling solution
for hospitals, medical technology and healthcare

Absolutely reliable cooling is required in operating theatres, medical laboratories and medical storage. Only through strict and permanent adherence to the prescribed temperatures is the shelf life of, for example, blood products and temperature-sensitive medicines guaranteed. Similarly high demands are therefore placed on laboratory air-conditioning systems, medical coolers and CT cooling technology in the hospital and medical technology sector as there are in pharmaceutical companies.

In every clinic and laboratory, air conditioning and cooling are of paramount importance. The air conditioning in a hospital, MRI cooling, CT cooling and radiology air conditioning must be entirely reliable at all times. For imaging procedures such as computer tomography, closed cooling systems have proven themselves as the best cooling solution. At acr chiller rent, you can also rent individually configured special solutions for medical cooling or provide a reliable plan B for the entire hospital cooling technology.

Our economical rental solutions offer secure cooling and refrigeration if there are gaps in supply, without requiring permanent installation. Mobile units with various power ranges reliably cool laboratories, operating theatres and storage areas to the required temperature range or provide comfortable conditions in summer as temporary hospital air-conditioning systems.

our rental solutions for hospital and medical technology

rental cooling, air conditioning and mobile cooling solution for hospitals, medical technology and healthcare

Chillers/liquid coolers in various designs and performance classes operate in temperature ranges from -15°C to +30°C and provide mobile cooling wherever it is needed.

Air-conditioning units and ventilation systems create the required climate in an enclosed space on a permanent basis. We rent out compact air-conditioning units with an output of 3-9 kW, air handlers, precision air conditioner, ventilation units and humidification systems.

For low temperature applications, we offer various freezer units that impress with their simple installation and reliable operation. Furthermore, you will find a wide range of accessories for your cooling or air-conditioning unit that you can conveniently rent along with it.

These are the most important advantages of rental cooling for medical technology, laboratories and hospitals:

  • Maximum failure protection and operational safety: our chillers and air conditioners use the latest technology and every rental unit is continuously maintained by us.
  • Cost-effectiveness: whether you want to rent a chiller for laser cooling or a backup for hospital air conditioning: we put together a precisely customised, energy-efficient, safe and economical rental solution for every requirement.
  • Full-service concept: we support you from set-up to (remote) monitoring of the rental equipment. The experienced team at acr chiller rent is available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Quick help in an emergency: in the event of (cooling) emergencies such as failures of the cooling, heating or air-conditioning technology, we can provide rapid assistance: within a very short time, our team is on the spot with the right technology, replacement equipment and comprehensive expertise – anywhere in the German-speaking region.

the right rental products for medical technology and healthcare