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Electric Accessories

Simply rent electrical items, cables and power distributors for your refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating technology along with your equipment

Of course, you can also rent suitable electric cables for any devices and power units from the acr rental park. We have flexible power cables in stock for connecting mobile devices and machines, which are designed for medium mechanical stresses in dry and damp rooms and for outdoor installation.

The power cables have a core cross-section of 1.5 mm² to 240 mm² and can be hired with CEE plugs (16 A, 32 A, 63 A and 125 A), Power-Lock, wire end sleeves or suitable cable lugs. Experience shows that these options cover most common connection requirements.

acr power distributors from 32A to 400A are used when multiple consumers require protection via one power connection. The distributors are in a sturdy housing made of galvanised sheet steel with insulated fittings.

Just contact us if you need any of our rental machines and/or accessories such as pump or hydraulic modules. We can answer your enquiries over the phone or you can reach us around the clock via our contact form.