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Emergency Generator

Power generators and emergency generators for hire from acr chiller rent

Do you need a redundant power supply for particularly sensitive areas? Or do you need a temporary, self-sufficient power supply, e.g. on a construction site? At acr chiller rent, you can also rent power generators and power units. Depending on the model, emergency power generators deliver an output of 100 to 500 kVA and are operated with fuel oil or diesel fuel.

The units, which are housed in a sound-insulating container, are equipped with an integrated or external double-walled tank, depending on the model. According to the version you choose, the tanks offer a capacity of 1,200 l, 2,400 l, 2,750 l, 5,200 l or 11,000 l and thus enable both short-term and long-term operation.
Every emergency generator for hire from our rental pool comes with starter battery maintenance and a preheat function as standard to ensure a smooth start. When you rent a power generator from us, you can therefore rely on an emergency power supply at all times. The same applies to our emergency service: you can reach us around the clock, and if the problem is urgent, we can be on site anywhere in the German-speaking region in the shortest possible time.

Provide additional protection for critical production and storage areas with an emergency power generator

With a rented emergency generator from acr chiller rent, you can react flexibly to power cuts and provide additional capacity for peak loads at short notice. In addition to various emergency power generators, we offer extensive accessories such as cables and mains generator switch cabinets for rent, which ensure automatic switching from mains to emergency power operation. As an option, you can also rent an automated tank filling system from us. The refilling service is triggered by a fill level monitoring system. Do you want to protect yourself? Hiring a generator gives you a back-up for emergencies.

We will be happy to advise you in detail on emergency power supply with mobile power generators. Either use our contact form for your inquiry or call our free hotline on 0800 1224 100. For callers outside Germany: +49(0)89 8955 60780.