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Expansion Vessels

Simple and flexible rental of expansion vessels for cooling systems

An expansion vessel must compensate for volume fluctuations that occur between the lowest and the highest temperature in a closed cooling or heating circuit. At the same time, it must keep the pressure within a permissible range regardless of temperature. Without an expansion vessel, the changing pressure of water or cooling liquid can cause damage to pressure vessels and pipes. This is because they only have a very low expansion capacity, so they are not flexible enough to adapt to the volume changes of the liquids.

However, if you rent a cooling system with an expansion tank from us, you don’t have to worry about that at all. We supply you with a complete system that is ready for connection and use immediately on installation – including the expansion vessels required for the respective system.

Expansion vessels for heating and cooling technology

So-called diaphragm expansion vessels (DEVs) are used for heat producer. Inside the vessel is a gas-tight bubble membrane that divides the vessel into a gas space and a water space. The required pre-pressure is applied to the gas through a so-called schrader valve. If the temperature in the system rises, the water expands in the closed circuit and enters the bladder against the gas pressure. If the temperature drops and the water volume is reduced, the gas pressure acting on the inside of the wall ensures that the expansion water is returned to the system.

A cooling system also needs at least one expansion vessel. In cooling systems, however, different framework conditions apply, as an antifreeze is usually added to the water, which affects the expansion factor of the liquid. Depending on the exact concentration, the maximum expansion volume must therefore be determined as precisely as possible.

We will be happy to support you in selecting suitable components, or we can take care of all the calculations for you. We are experts in this area – just call or write to us for individual advice or to arrange a site visit.