refrigeration for pharmaceutical and chemical companies

In many cases in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, every degree Celsius counts. This is because the states of aggregation of molecular compounds and chemical elements change depending on the temperature range, and with them their chemical and physical properties. Pharmaceutical and chemical companies are therefore dependent on specific process cooling being available at all times without interruption in the laboratory and in production.

Our rental solutions in the field of mobile refrigeration and heat for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry facilitate reliable and controlled evaporation, distillation, absorption, extraction and drying. With our help, you can react flexibly and quickly to temporary or permanent additional cooling requirements in your production, laboratory or temperature-controlled storage areas. When it comes to refrigeration technology for pharmaceutical and chemical companies or rental refrigeration for medical and laboratory technology, acr chiller rent has been a reliable partner for years. Whether it’s a chiller for laser cooling, mobile rental cooling for laboratories or refrigeration technology for pharmaceutical suppliers, we offer flexible solutions for demanding customers.

Our rental solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical companies

our rental solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical companies

We rent out mobile water chillers/liquid chillers with an output of 9 to 1,400 kW, while for higher cooling requirements we offer mobile large-scale refrigeration units in container design with an output of up to 3,000 kW per unit. Our mobile low temperature units are ideal for very low temperatures. These units are easy to integrate into an existing cooling system and reach ultra-low temperatures down to -30°C at 250 kW output. We also rent out pump and hydraulic modules as added accessories for our rental refrigeration solutions.

If our standard products do not meet your specific requirements, you can also rent special systems from acr chiller rent. Whether you need particularly quiet or compact refrigeration technology for the chemical industry or in a hospital, or a large cooling unit with a centrifugal compressor: our in-house customised system engineering department can provide tailor-made rental solutions.

These are the advantages of our rental solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical companies:

  • Absolute operational reliability through as-new and continuously maintained equipment and machines with the latest technology on the market.
  • Cost-effective rental solutions that are precisely geared to your needs.
  • Full-service concept from installation to (remote) monitoring and maintenance by the experienced acr team.
  • Shortest response and delivery times in an emergency – we help you quickly, flexibly and efficiently.

the right rental products for chemicals and pharmaceuticals