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Air Handling Unit

Rent mobile air handling units for short periods or for the long term from acr chiller rent

Mobile ventilation units, also called air handlers, provide mobile cooling wherever you need it in no time at all. Air handlers can be connected to an in-house chiller, a mobile chiller or a heat pump or heater.

The air handling unit ensures best distribution of cooled or heated air in the room and thus air conditioning and/or heating. The ventilation units can operate in recirculation mode or in pure fresh air mode. This means that the room or hall is always supplied with treated and unpolluted fresh air. At acr chiller rent, you can rent the right air handler for every need. Depending on the model, our mobile ventilation units offer between 25 and 150 kW of cooling power and are suitable for ventilating and air conditioning any space, from rooms and tents through to industrial halls and warehouses. For higher demands, you can rent several ventilation units and thus scale the total output as required.

Renting mobile ventilation systems instead of buying them – the smart alternative

When you rent an air handler from us, you can simply set it up, connect it and use it immediately. You can ensure sufficient air exchange in closed rooms, for example, thereby making an important contribution to pandemic control of Covid-19.

At acr chiller rent, we have ventilation units with a heat recovery system, so they are particularly energy-efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, offering considerable savings of CO2.

If you only need a mobile ventilation system temporarily, acr chiller rent has flexible options for renting the right equipment for your air conditioning. We offer small, medium-size and large solutions for rental cooling that you can rent anywhere in Germany.

Do you have any questions about air handlers and mobile ventilation units, or do you need support in selecting the right unit? Use our contact form or our free hotline 0800 1224 100 (for callers outside Germany +49(0)89 895 560 780) and let our experienced experts advise you.