event air-conditioning – air conditioning systems for tents,
halls and events of all sizes

With our rental solutions for event air conditioning, you can ensure pleasantly air-conditioned tents and interiors at sales events, civic functions, festivals and company parties. With units that match your requirements exactly in terms of design and performance, we provide the perfect air conditioning for events of any size and at any time of year.

We are an experienced refrigeration and air-conditioning service provider, specialising in large customers, major event organisers and commercial/industrial applications. That’s why we are sure to have the right cooling and air-conditioning technology for your event, whether you need low-noise tent air conditioning, event hall air conditioning or high-performance, energy-saving cooling for an ice rink.

event air conditioning: a good atmosphere for any event

air conditioning systems for tents, halls and events of all sizes

Renting is usually the safest and most economical solution for event air conditioning, too. We will be happy to assist you with planning in advance and give you advice on our cooling technology for hire without obligation, so that your mobile air-conditioning system is ideally suited to the marquee or hall. Every chiller, every tent air conditioner and tent heater, and every piece of equipment in our extensive rental range is state-of-the-art and undergoes regular servicing.

The highly trained team from acr chiller rent is available throughout the German-speaking region and will be happy to take care of professional installation of the air-conditioning system in the marquee and set-up and connection of the corresponding cooling units. Of course, you can also rent cooling technology for events from us on a permanent basis, for example if you regularly organise events where you need to cool a small or large marquee or air condition a festival hall. Contact us to coordinate the details, receive personal advice or arrange an on-site appointment.