rental refrigeration for the food industry

In order to maintain prescribed storage temperatures and ensure an uninterrupted cold chain, fail-safe food refrigeration is indispensable. To ensure consistently high quality of raw materials and food, refrigeration technology must be state-of-the-art. Many companies in the food industry therefore rely on mobile refrigeration and food coolers on a rental basis.

Rental refrigeration from acr chiller enables companies to react quickly to bottlenecks, changes in operating procedures and breakdowns. With us, you can rent state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and power-saving units for optimal cooling of different foodstuffs in order to optimise storage temperatures and provide sufficient food cooling at all times, even when demand fluctuates.

Our mobile cooling units, chillers and air conditioners are also a very good option for modernising the refrigeration technology you use. With a rental solution that is precisely adapted to requirements, cooling in the food production can be optimised – with no downtimes, cost-effectively and professionally by our experienced team. Avoid unnecessarily high new investments and save time and resources with contemporary food refrigeration on a rental basis that is continuously kept up to date with the latest technology.dem neuesten Stand der Technik gehalten wird.

mobile refrigeration for every application and every need

rental refrigeration for the food industry
At acr chiller rent, you can get air-cooled or water-cooled chillers with different capacities, as well as air conditioners and heaters, units for direct or indirect room humidification, mobile low temperature units and much more. Our rental machines include all the equipment and accessories needed to assemble, design and install complete cooling systems individually for large companies and industrial customers. Let us advise you – we will be happy to answer all your questions on the phone, by email or at an on-site appointment.
Rental refrigeration brings plannable and measurable advantages:
  • Companies in the beverage and food industry improve their eco-balance when they replace outdated refrigeration technology with new, energy-saving, low-noise cooling systems.
  • You save on energy costs from the first day of the rental period.
  • Downtimes are avoided or significantly shortened.
  • If there are problems, you will receive full support from us around the clock. In an emergency, the acr chiller rent team can be on site within a few hours throughout the German-speaking region.
  • We support you through the planning, design and installation of the system and, if you wish, we can deal with (remote) monitoring and maintenance of your cooling technology.

the right rental products for the food industry