cooling for
server rooms and data centres

Cooling is absolutely indispensable for modern IT to ensure that sensitive devices and data storage systems work reliably and, above all, without failures. Cooling for data centres and air-conditioning for server rooms is taken into account and built in during the planning and development of such premises. However, it makes sense to keep a standby solution for cooling server rooms and for IT air conditioning available at all times for emergencies.

With our flexible rental solutions, you can ensure cooling is available for your server room and air conditioning for your servers, even if the actual data centre cooling has failed – or if it has been taken out of operation for planned maintenance or repair, for example. Our range of rental cooling equipment is available to you to keep the server room cool and ensure optimal air conditioning.

server room cooling: is ventilation sufficient
or air conditioning required?

cooling for server rooms and data centres

As a rule, you need cooling for optimal server air conditioning. Even a small server room should not be operated without an appropriate server cooling system (e.g. a climate cabinet or air-conditioning unit for servers). The rule of thumb here is: the cooling technology must provide enough power to bring the room down to the required temperature reliably.

For temporary server room air conditioning, in the summer months for example, we offer mobile chillers, water chillers, air-conditioning units and precision air conditioner, the performance of which is precisely tailored to your cooling requirements. You can also rent the accessories you need from acr chiller rent, for easy connection of the air-conditioning unit and server room for example.

Typical areas of application for our mobile rental refrigeration services are cooling (data centres, server rooms, etc.) and air conditioning (server rooms, offices, etc.) We only rent out chillers that are as good as new, are continuously maintained and have the most up-to-date technology on the market. Whether you are looking to rent an air conditioner or close control for your server room to bridge short-term bottlenecks or keep a liquid chiller on hand as a safety back-up in the long term: acr chiller rent offers additional cooling capacity for the IT industry that you can rely on.


  • Prevention of data loss and hardware damage due to insufficient cooling or a total failure of the IT air conditioning – effectively and economically with rental cooling.
  • Use mobile rental cooling specifically during the summer months and at increased ambient temperatures and thus ensure the climate in your server room and data centre is perfect at all times.
  • If you are overhauling your IT, you can create a bypass with a rental cooling unit and easily compensate for downtimes in your own systems.
  • We always offer you our full-service concept – from planning and installation to support for your rented chillers by our experienced service team.
  • You only rent as-new and continuously maintained cooling machines from us and thus have maximum operating reliability and failure safety.
  • In emergency situations, we help you with the shortest response and delivery times – fast, flexible, efficient.

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