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Rental cooling – mobile refrigeration and cooling technology for trade and industry

We offer you customised rental refrigeration and flexible rental systems for process cooling and air conditioning in production halls, workshops and laboratories, tents and data centres. Our rental cooling solutions are suitable for both temporary and permanent use. Mobile cooling is easy to rent from acr chiller rent.

What are the advantages of rental cooling and where is it used?

With rental cooling, you can minimise risks and plan your costs over the long term. Rental cooling has the advantage that both maintenance costs and any storage costs are eliminated.

The units are often used for cooling server rooms, but also for comfortable air conditioning in cooling buildings and halls. Mobile chillers are suitable for process cooling, among other things. A constant and reliable cold water and cooling water supply is particularly important in the industrial sector. Rental cooling is the optimal solution in case of emergency, breakdown, maintenance or refurbishment of your own cooling machine. Rental cooling is also ideal for covering seasonal peak loads.

Rental process cooling

Industrial cooling must function without interruptions and be maintained at all times. In the event of a cooling failure, there is a risk of a production standstill, with all the additional costs associated with that. In order to keep the costs as low as possible, cooling must be up and running again quickly. Rental cooling offers a quick solution in this case.

Rent mobile cooling as a cost-cutting model, temporary solution or emergency supply

At acr chiller rent you can rent a suitable chiller at short notice, e.g. to cover peak loads, as a temporary solution during conversion work or because your existing system has failed. We also offer rental cooling as a long-term, flexible, complete solution, where you rent exactly the cooling system you need and can easily add to it, adapt it or modernise it during the rental period.

Our rental cooling portfolio includes numerous chillers/liquid chillers and drycooler with capacities ranging from 3 kW to 3,000 kW per unit, covering temperature ranges from +95°C to -30°C. There are no further service or maintenance costs for the cooling machine or mobile refrigeration system that you rent: we make sure that everything is working and, if you wish, we can also offer remote monitoring.

Rental cooling as a long-term solution

Long-term rental as an alternative to buying also offers many advantages. Rental payments can be planned for you in the long term and without tying up capital. Unlike acquisition costs, rental costs are also fully tax-deductible immediately. You do not have to worry about maintenance and repair of the rental cooling system internally, because we take care of the service for you. This ensures a high level of system reliability. In addition, you can align the rental period for your cooling system to the rental period for a building, for example.

Rent cooling: fast service

In addition to chillers, we offer air conditioners, IT coolers, precision air-conditioner, rooftops, ventilation units, air handlers, air coolers, dry cooler, cooling towers, rental heaters, emergency power units and a comprehensive range of accessories. With numerous service points and depots in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we can also provide fast and reliable assistance in cooling emergencies. You can reach us day and night via the emergency hotline – in urgent cases, our team will install a suitable replacement solution on the same day.

Your contact for rental cooling

Renting a mobile cooling unit from us is easy. Do you have questions about rental cooling, do you need a customised solution or would you like to arrange an on-site appointment? Then simply call us or send us a message. We will be happy to advise you in detail, support you with planning and provide you with an individual quote.