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Mobile Air-conditioner

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Mobile air conditioners & split units for hire

A so-called split air conditioner offers a very good cooling capacity but is still pleasantly quiet in operation. These systems consist of an outdoor unit, an indoor unit and a set of hoses. In the case of a mobile air conditioner with a water cooling unit, the hoses can be filled with cold water. Alternatively, you can also rent mobile air conditioning units with ethylene glycol as the operating medium from acr chiller rent. Here the hoses are pre-filled with an ethylene glycol mixture designed for the required temperature range and can be easily combined up to a length of 30 m.

The units offer easy commissioning; no special knowledge is required for installation. They are powered from the domestic mains via an earthed plug, meaning that you can use your mobile split air conditioner immediately. The compact units are easy to transport and also fit through narrow doors and in lifts.

Rent mobile air conditioners with 3 to 15 kW power on a short or long-term basis

Our mobile air conditioners for hire quickly deliver comfortable temperatures in closed rooms and operate very quietly.
Typical areas of application for our rental air-conditioning units include offices, training, event and production rooms and server air conditioning.

If you would like to rent mobile air-conditioning units or have any questions about the units or possible alternatives in advance, please feel free to contact us. Simply use our contact form or call our free hotline: 0800 1224 100. For callers outside Germany +49(0)89 895 560 780.