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Remote Monitoring

Maximum operational safety through acr OnlineControl remote monitoring

If you have information about the operating status of the rental equipment at all times, you can detect faults without delay and react quickly. Monitoring modules can be integrated into most acr rental units. These enable remote monitoring of anything from one chiller to the entire rented air conditioning and heating technology quite simply via the mobile phone network. Faults can thus be detected and documented immediately, even from a distance. Depending on the model, settings can also be changed quickly via the corresponding module and faults can be both acknowledged and documented. However, if on-site troubleshooting is required, system analysis helps to counteract the problem efficiently. The service technician is equipped in advance with the materials required for the repair in order to keep machine downtimes to a minimum. Integration is straightforward: by transmitting the data via the mobile network, there is no need to interfere with the customer’s existing data network. There are therefore no concerns about data protection. Integration of the monitoring modules is available for most acr rental units as an option.

If you wish, we can take care of remote monitoring of your system so that you can concentrate entirely on your core business.