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acr Online Control remote monitoring via mobile data network

Available as a separate module for integration into rental units. Data and commands are always transmitted via the mobile network. The remote monitoring module monitors operation of the rental equipment around the clock. Depending on the model, settings can also be changed quickly via the corresponding module and faults can be both acknowledged and documented. If on-site troubleshooting is nevertheless required, the system analysis helps to deal with the problem. The service technician can then obtain the materials required for the repair in advance to keep machine downtime to a minimum. Integration is straightforward: by transmitting the data via the mobile network, there is no need to interfere with the customer’s existing data network. There are therefore no concerns about data protection. Integration of the monitoring modules is available for most acr rental units as an option.

• Monitoring of systems with automatic 24/7 alarm system.
• Minimises downtimes.
• Personal access to the encrypted, web-based user interface for the user and an acr specialist, with minimal access times to the system.
• Real-time information and system trends.
• Determination and documentation of capacity requirements.
• Improvement and optimisation of system control.
• Early detection of operational risks and reduction of unforeseen interruptions.
• Necessary service deployments are coordinated efficiently by means of remote diagnostics.

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