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Rent pumps and pump modules: from 1 to 400 m³/h

Renting pumps made easy: pump modules are used wherever liquids have to be pumped. At acr chiller rent, you can rent pump modules with single, double or high-pressure pumps and use them immediately. A safety valve is integrated into the pump module. Pumps and control cabinet are mounted on a sturdy steel frame and can also be supplied with a sound-insulating housing on request.

Our pump rental service includes pumps with a flow rate of up to 400 m³/h at a maximum delivery head of over 50 metres and for medium temperatures from -45°C to 95°C available from stock. Should you wish to rent a pump that offers greater performance or operates in a different temperature range, we can also provide this; simply contact us.

Accessories for pumps and pump modules

If required, you can also rent extensive accessories for pumps and pump modules from us, e.g. three-way or change-over valves, frequency converters, expansion vessels and actuators. If you plan to install the pump module outdoors, we can supply suitable weatherproof housings, as well as sound-insulating housings.

We supply the right rental pump for every need. Renting reliable, demand-based refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems and matching accessories has been one of our core areas of expertise since 2004. Our claim is to be able to find and implement the optimal solution for every customer: you can rent a complete chiller with water pump from us, for example, to meet your needs for short-term rental or longer-term use.