Rental air conditioning

Renting the perfect air conditioning from us is easy

If your own air conditioning system fails in the middle of summer, you can rent a mobile cooling system from us quickly and easily. We stock mobile air conditioners in various designs, with an output of up to 150 kW per unit.

Our range of rental units in the mobile cooling sector covers everything from a mobile air conditioner or mobile air cooler for use in the business sector to powerful ventilation systems with heat pump function and precision air conditioner with a cooling capacity of up to 80 kW per unit. Our aim is to ensure that every customer can rent the air-conditioning system that best suits their needs. You can rent not only an air conditioner from acr chiller rent, furthermore you can also rely on our air conditioning expertise and experience.

It often pays to rent a cooling unit rather than buying one

If you only have a temporary need for an air-conditioning unit, as part of conversion or refurbishment work for example, if your own air-conditioning system fails or if your production requires different climate conditions, you can rent a suitable air-conditioning unit or air-conditioning system from us. With our customised cooling and heating solutions, there is no such thing as “too much” or “too long”, and there are no maintenance or service costs throughout the rental period. So when you rent a cooling system from us, you are always erring on the safe side and can easily, quickly and reliably compensate for short-term peak loads and longer-term demand.

Do you want to rent a mobile cooling unit or are you interested in our other offers in the field of rental air conditioning? Contact us on our free hotline 0800 1224 100. For callers outside Germany +49(0)89 895 560 780.