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Rent liquid chillers/air-cooled chillers

An air-cooled chiller is a particularly compact, economical and versatile liquid chiller. It can be set up almost anywhere as a mobile chiller; all that is required is an unobstructed exchange of air, and availability is fast thanks to simple installation. At acr chiller rent, you can rent ready-to-use chillers that reliably supply any area with mobile cooling with outputs of 9 to 2,000 kW per unit or in a network of up to 8,000 kW. In emergencies or when time is tight, for example when cooling equipment has to be replaced during an ongoing process, a liquid chiller can be delivered, set up and connected within 24 hours.

We have provided extensive technical data for all the chillers that you can rent from us. However, we are also happy to advise you personally and support you with planning, configuration and assembly so that you rent exactly the chiller that suits your requirements.

In the event of a cooling emergency, you can reach us around the clock via our emergency hotline. We are on site throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland within the shortest possible time and can provide reliable cooling once again.

Individual chiller rental – energy-efficient, cost-effective and reliable planning

Our chillers with their sophisticated compressor and heat exchanger technology represent an innovation in liquid chillers both in terms of energy and operational reliability. Depending on the application and installation situation, either air-cooled or water-cooled chillers and free cooling are used individually or in combination with the corresponding control and regulation technology.

Tell us about your situation and we will calculate and offer you the most efficient and cost-effective cooling solution. To cover cooling and heating needs with the same unit, it is also possible to rent chillers that also function as heat pumps. The heat generated during operation of a chiller or heat pump can be used by acr for heating through heat recovery. Our rental solutions offer high primary energy savings and dual use. In addition to high CO2 savings, you benefit from low operating costs.