ACR-AH-150 - Air handling unit 150kW

Product information

Different requirements and applications on request.

Cooling Capacity

150 kW

Max.air flow volume

20000 m³/h

Cold water temperatures


Air inlet

32°C / 40% r.F.

Air outlet


Heating capacity

350 kW

Hot water temperatures


Water connections

Storz B

Filter class


External static pressure

650 Pa

Total static pressure

1200 Pa

* Voltage / Electrical Connection

400V / 50Hz / 3 Phases (CEE 32A)

Operating current

17,2 A

Sound power

97 dB(A)

Transport weight

1000 kg

Dimensions (l x w x h)

2610 x 1230 x 1850 mm

* Electrical protection:

* On-Site power installation should be entrusted to an electrical specialist.


Technical and design changes can be made at any time without prior notice!

Product description:

20,000 m³/h ventilation unit with EC fan, infinitely variable speed regulation and pressure up to 650 Pa. Particularly suitable for cooling storage rooms, event air conditioning, machine cooling, server rooms and production areas. Can also be used for heating warehouses, construction heating, etc., in conjunction with a mobile heating unit. Air distribution by means of 4×525 mm flexible air hoses. Extensive accessories are available as options.

Accessories (optional)

Mobile Electric Mobile Electric Heating
Air Cooled Chiller Air Cooled Chiller
Hoses / Fittings Hoses / Fittings
Air Distribution Air Distribution
Electric Accessories Electric Accessories

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