ACR-KT-1650 - Cooling tower 1650kW

Product information

Different requirements and applications on request.

*Cooling Capacity

1650 kW

Capacity control


Power input

30 kW


400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phases

Operating current

55 A

Electrical connection

CEE63A Socket

** Fuse protection

63 A

** Cable recommendation

16 mm²

Flow rate

179,0 m³/h

Volume of evaporated water

2,46 m³/h

Needed pressure at nozzles

0,41 bar

Water inlet

Flange DN125 / PN16

Water outlet

Flange DN200 / PN10

Rinse water amount

1⁄2 Zoll


2 Zoll


2 Zoll


3⁄4 Zoll

Sound power (DIN ISO 3744)

76 dB(A)

Transport weight (Tower)

3000 kg

Transport weight (Silencer)

600 kg

Transport weight (Frame)

1500 kg

Transport weight (Total)

5100 kg

Dimensions (incl. silencer)

(l x w x h) 7850 x 2045 x 4517 mm

* Design conditions:

Cooling water temperatures 36/28°, ambient / wet-bulb temperature 21°C

** Electrical protection:

** On-Site power installation should be entrusted to an electrical specialist.


Technical and design changes can be made at any time without prior notice!

Product description:

Open evaporation cooler with induced draft radial fans. The unit is used for cooling of excess, process or con- denser heat. Air intake is at the front, and air exhaust is above. The cooling tower is executed in a modular design and can be extended by several equipment modules. For example, 2 modules = 3300kW cooling capacity. Extensive optional accessories are available. Please speak to us!

Accessories (optional)

Pumpenmodul Pumps
Heat exchangers Heat exchangers
Hoses / Fittings Hoses / Fittings
Electric Accessories Electric Accessories
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring

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