ACR-M-600-W/WP - Heat pump water to water 776kW

Product information

Different requirements and applications on request.

*Heating capacity

776 kW

**Cooling Capacity

582 kW

Power input

148 kW


400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phases

Operating current

366 A (2×183)

Electrical connection

3 Ph + PE Cable terminals

*** Fuse protection

400 A (2×200)

*** Cable recommendation

8 x 95 mm²

Flow rate Evaporator

100,0 m³/h

Flow rate Condenser

125,2 m³/h

Max. operating pressure

10 bar

Cold water connections

Storz 2xB / 1xA

Condenser water connections

Storz 2xB / 1xA

Capacity control

2×3 Steps

Sound pressure at 5m

71 dB(A)

Transport weight

2400 kg (2×1200)

Dimensions (l x w x h)

2432 x 928 x 1186 + 1186 mm

*(**) Design conditions:

* Design conditions: Hot water temperatures 40°/45°C, evaporator water temperatures 15°C/10°C
** Design conditions: Cold water temperatures 12°/7°, condenser water temperatures 30°/35°C

*** Electrical protection:

*** On-Site power installation should be entrusted to an electrical specialist.


Technical and design changes can be made at any time without prior notice!

Product description:

Modular design of two water-cooled liquid chillers with reversible operation can be used for cooling/heating. The units are each equipped with two quiet running scroll compressors. The plate evaporator and the plate condenser consist of stainless steel. The unit should be set up on a horizontal, stable work area insinde and have at least 1.5 m free space to all sides. The modular design allows the devices to be stacked on top or positioned next to each other. All controls and regulators are contained within the housing.

Accessories (optional)

Dry Air Cooler / Cooling Tower Dry Air Cooler / Cooling Tower
Pumpenmodul Pumps
Buffer Tanks Buffer Tanks
Hoses / Fittings Hoses / Fittings
Electric Accessories Electric Accessories

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