What is the COP value and how high is the average value for the air-water heat pumps?
The EER (energy efficiency ratio) defines the performance number of a heat pump, i.e. the ratio of the heating produced to the consumption of electric energy. The acr heat pumps have an average COP value between 3.5 and 4.5.

How is the heating requirement of a room, hall or tent determined?
In dependence of the room height, the geographic alignment, the insulation, the window areas as well as the number of people and computers, the necessary heating capacity needs to be observed individually. As a criterion, following experience values can however be assumed
– Offices 40 – 60 W/m3
– Hall 60 – 80 W/m3
– Tents 80 – 100 W/m3

Which advantages does an air-air heat pump offer compared a conventional directly fuelled heating system?
The air-air heat pumps utilize the heat pump principle and the heating costs amount to about 50% of conventional heating. Only electric current is used to drive the pump and therefore no fuel supply is necessary. The acr heat pumps can have the circulation be switched to allow for heating as well as cooling with a single device.

Under which conditions can air-air heat pumps be implemented without hesitation?
Air-air-heat pumps withdraw energy from the outside air using the functional principle of a heat pump to transfer the comfortable warmth to the inner rooms of an office, tent or warehouse. This technology can be utilized at temperatures down to + 5°C without efficiency losses. Under colder conditions, the conventional acr heating systems are better suited.

How different are air-air to air-water heat pumps?
Air-air-heat pumps and air-water-heat pumps both use air as a heat source. In the air-air-heat pumps, the warmth carrier medium is air and a capacity of 30 to 120kW and at temperatures of + 15° to + 30°C can be covered.
In the air-water-heat pump, the warmth carrier medium is water and a capacity of 10 to 500kW per unit and at temperatures of + 30 to + 50°C can be covered. If temperatures over 50°C are required, conventional heating systems should be used.